Helping people like you follow their dreams!

Many people dream of getting a better job or a better life. 

To do this you need many things. 

These days one of these things is English!


Many people learned English at school but didn't realise the importance it would have in later life. You still have this knowledge you just need to reactivate it. I have been helping students to do just this for several years now. My students have changed jobs and even countries.


The IELTS exam is an exam which is needed for access to many universities around the world. It not only relies on your knowledge of English but your exam skills as well. I have helped people achieve their desired grade and continue their education in the UK and other countries


Many medical professionals need the OET (Occupational English Test) exam in order to work in English speaking countries where there is a great demand for their skills. I have recently undertaken training to become an instructor for OET. I am bringing my 20+ years of experience to this new project.

What Clients Say

I learnt a lot from Bob. Bob professionally pointed out my mistakes and gave me some very useful advice. 😀 Great!

Q from China 

Today we had a wonderful conversation about different aspects of English learning and teaching. Thank you Bob!

T from Russia 

Thanks to Bob I was able to greatly improve my confidence in speaking English, I now have a job in London!

C from Italy 

Bob explains grammatical construction very well even if grammar is very difficult.

A from Poland.

I have recommended Bob to several of my work colleagues and friends

L from Italy 


At the beginning of the lesson Bob asked me to tell him about myself. Than he explained me which sound I have problem with and how I can improve its pronunciation. He explained me why I have problems in understanding English during conversation with native speakers and gave tips how to eliminate this. I do recommend the teacher. Bob, thank you for the lesson.

M from Spain