About Bob

A brief history

  • Born in the UK many years ago and left school at the age of 16 to work in a bank. I spent the next 20+ years working in banks, shops and offices before deciding I needed a major life change.
  • Took the Cambridge University CELTA exam in 2000 and became a qualified teacher.
  • 2001, started teaching full time as a teacher in a private language school in Poland 
  • Have taught adults and teenagers.
  • In 2015, moved to online working.
  • Have taught all levels of students from absolute beginner to advanced, and all nationalities.
  • Prepared students for several exams including FCE and IELTS.
  • Focus on IELTS and OET as this is where I can make the greatest contribution to people’s lives

Who am I

A qualified teacher with 20+ years teaching experience

My Mission

To help people improve their lives by improving their confidence in using English and gaining relevant exams

What I do

I provide specialist lessons to enable professionals to follow their ideal career paths

Why Choose Me?

I have a reputation for being relaxed but also helpful to ensure you get the most from your lessons.

I am available to my students for quick questions whenever they need help.

Every person is different, they have their own strengths and weaknesses, I work to help you improve your weaknesses with guidance and practice

I am continually taking courses and learning new things to improve my own teaching, to learn things to help my students and to remind myslef what it is like to be a student

Through my teaching and learning experiences I have become aware of the similarities and differences between English and many other languages. I use this knowledge to help you in your language learning

20+ years teaching experience to all levels and many, many nationalities